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Bell Let's Talk Tradable Bits Case Study

Raising Awareness for Mental Health

Clara's Big Ride inspired over 18M storytellers, representing 53% of the Canadian population, to support the goal of ending the stigma around mental illness by sharing their experiences.

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End the Stigma around Mental Illness

Clara Hughes is a legendary six-time Olympic medalist, who even still has battled with depression. She and her team believe that talking is the most powerful way to help those with mental health issues. The stigma surrounding mental illnesses is crippling to those who need help for themselves or loved ones, but are too afraid to reach out. During her 12,000km cycle across Canada, she sparked millions of conversations about mental health on and offline, breaking down the stigma with her voice and cycling talent.

GOAL: Engage Canadians in Conversation

By sparking genuine conversations about mental health on social media, Clara’s Big Ride aimed at forming a cross-province, cross-network community of supporters dedicated to promoting awareness about the importance of mental health issues.

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SOLUTION: Build Community to Promote Awareness

Through a combination of engagement campaigns, social media aggregation and display and community outreach, Clara’s Big Ride (CBR) achieved its goal of spreading awareness for mental health by inspiring millions to share their personal stories on the CBR Stream. By putting the Stream and thus the community in the spotlight on the homepage of the CBR website, their social team showcased authentic stories from their audience, inspiring others to share their own experiences. With the mass of content collected, the CBR team identified top advocates for the cause and proved to sponsors that they made an impact.

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