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Connect with fans in one easy click

Increase conversions with a simple social login plugin on your website, blog, e-commerce store or mobile app.

Create lifetime customers with stress-free signups

Securely manage fan credentials and personal information for all your clients from any network. Get more registrations with a simple, easy sign-in.

We support every major network:

Email Login

Stress-free, secure
identity management

Keep your fans and your business safe by using a simple pre-built social login plugin to securely store and update your fans' personal information.

Increase registrations
and return customers

Make sign-on effortless. No passwords to remember. No "already taken" usernames. Just one click on their favourite social network.

Over 50% of people prefer to use social login instead of traditional registration forms.
- TechCrunch

Fully brand your sign-on

Customize the look of our pre-built social login widget or create your own with our robust API. Fully white-label your login with branded authentication on any network.

Easy to implement for marketers and developers

Activate scalable, secure social login on your website, e-commerce or mobile app today.

  • Copy-paste social login widget for marketers
  • Social login SDK (web/mobile) for developers
  • Built-in login with Campaigns and Comments

Developers Love Our Login, Too

Safe + Secure Connections

Our system adheres to current industry standards, including SSL 3.0 transport encryption and OAuth 1.0.

Always Updated Social APIs

We keep up-to-date on every social network's API changes so your development team doesn't have to.

Easily Implement Owned Data

Our detailed documentation makes our SDK and CSS guidelines crystal clear for your coding convenience.

Master your identity
management today!

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